OLD TAVERN FARM Historic Bed & Breakfast, Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Old Tavern Farm offers the traveler traditional hospitality in an historic tavern located at the head of the picturesque Greenfield Meadows. Old Tavern Farm owners Gary and Joanne Sanderson fancy themselves tavern keepers from days of old, taking in guests along the wayside and treating them as they would have been treated two centuries ago. Old Tavern Farm also is an ideal place for parties or small weddings, with the spacious, rustic, upstairs Old Tavern Farm ballroom. So stop by Old Tavern Farm to experience what guests have come to know as a special brand of Old Tavern Farm hospitality, similar to what would have been provided to guests at Hinsdale, Thayer and Ewers taverns, which were run on the Old Tavern Farm site in the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Tavern Farm is located within 10 minutes or Historic Deerfield and Deerfield Academy, 20 minutes of Northfield Mount Hermon School, and is situated in a spot from which bikers and hikers can embark on their trips from the front yard. The Old Tavern Farm backyard offers privacy next to the freestone Hinsdale Brook, and just downstream is the original Hinsdale blacksmith shop, which catered to travelers along the old post road to Bennington, Vt.