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The Count's Quarters

Greenfield house, sign and furniture painter George Washington Mark (1795-1879) came to town in 1817 and remained there until his death, leaving behind many examples of his folk art in Franklin County. The independent ``Count Mark'' was regarded as a bit of an eccentric but was respected as a master of his art-form in the community. If you are lucky, you may still be able to find a grain-painted chest of drawers, chair, lampstand or bed attributed to Mr. Mark, but many of his grained doors and floors were long ago painted over with Benjamin Moore's finest. That's what makes the three grain-painted doors and the feather-painted floor attributed to Mr. Mark in this fireplaced guest room so special. You may never see a better-preserved example of his doors and floors than in this room and the adjacent halls and bedrooms. The double bed is a period, Sheraton, four-poster canopy with birds-eye maple posts that match ``The Count's'' horizontal door panels, not to mention the veneered drawer fronts on the room's Sheraton, cookie-corner, four-drawer, cherry chest.