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Dining Room

This is where it all started in 1746, when Samuel Hinsdale licensed his one-room meadows tavern. The room has been changed since then, as evidenced by the two different examples of 18th century wainscotting. The more primitive, rough, flat boards grace the south and west walls and date back to the original, one-room tavern, while the raised-panel forms on the other two walls were presumably moved from another room during a circa 1920 downstairs renovation. The dining room's large fireplace on the west wall was r emoved and replaced by a wood cook-stove during the Federal Period tavern expansion, when the upstairs ballroom and the current main structure were added. Enjoy home-cooked breakfasts while seated on period birdcage Windsor chairs positioned around the 18 th century, walnut harvest table of Connecticut origin. The Chippendale chest-on-chest standing against the east wall stood for many years in the Worthington Inn, located about 25 miles west, in Hampshire County. The cobalt-blue decorated jugs sitting ato p the chest are fine examples of Whately stoneware, produced from 1830-64 some 15 miles south of Greenfield.